Musings on Money

A lot lately I’ve been wondering about what constitutes an honest living. It’s no secret that I’ve made much of my living from online marketing, and many times I’ve stopped to wonder if I might not be better off in a different industry. I wouldn’t be better off financially – I’m certain of that – but perhaps emotionally and spiritually. For some reason I’ve become envious of people in jobs like Concrete grinding, who have a clear task in front of them and are able to go home and switch off once it’s done. But perhaps this is just a ridiculous daydream and I should let go of these romantic ideas of doing some more hands on work. I don’t know.

Battle of the Backups

Recently my computer died, which is why I haven’t updated in a while. Stupidly I did not have an up to date backup, so I lost a lot of work. Now that I’m back in action you can expect to see more updates from my. I’d like to also take a moment here to mention Fast – I will be using this software in future as it seems to be the best in the business for off-site backups.

Density of Water

Welcome to Density of Water, a new blog about business and commercialism. I want to use this blog to share my thoughts and philosophy about the world we live in, and whether or not true fulfillment is possible in a world driven by instant gratification and endless consumer desires. I hope you enjoy and feel free to engage in the conversation – I’d love to hear from others with similar or opposing viewpoints.

One of my guiltiest pleasures and my first topic is Go Wild strippers – my favourite option for some awesome X rated entertainment. Is it wrong to be able to treat nudity as a commodity?


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